PDF Documentation Keyboard Layout Assistant (KLA_8565)

Documentation in PDF format, in Ukrainian:

All documentation is included in the archive with the program.
Here are online copies to read.


User Guide (UKR)    

Familiarity with the program. Functionality. Description of the visual part, user interface.


Startup and config (UKR)    

Create a shortcut. Settings. Quickly add a keyboard layout. Detailed description of adding a keyboard layout for program maintenance. Sound settings. Configuration of the configuration file KLA_8565.INI. Additional questions.


Report "false positive" in Antivirus (UKR)    

Resolving a "false positive" response to a program, such as setting up Avast Premium Security antivirus.


New & Software Latest (UKR)    

New in the program, when switching between versions: 1.3.4 - 1.3.5.





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