KLA_8565, Keyboard Layout Assistant KLA-8565, Multilang support

Management program for fast keyboard layout switching, with built-in additional capabilities. For programmers and linguists. Fast typing of multilingual text and code, without distraction.

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Freeware (free soft)

Key features:

PDF Documentation Keyboard Layout Assistant (KLA_8565)

- 4 «hot keys», to install the required keyboard layout
- switching the layout with just one key press and hold for a short time
- known keys: Left Ctrl, Right Ctrl, Left Shift, Right Shift
- the ability to rotate all system layouts (avoiding some): LAlt+Space
- ability to switch between the last two layouts: RAlt
- the ability to convert CapsLock to Ctrl, and the combination LShift+RShift to change Caps-mode

Other features here are described in small print;)

Additional documentation – in the "Documentation" section.


Sound and game mode

Different audio modes for user settings.

Game mode (manual suspension of the program, and the mode of disabling visual notifications "ToolTip" near the cursor at the time of activating the layout).


More about keyboard layouts

Unlimited number of layout options (but not more than 24 at a time in one Windows system; usually for users: from 2 to 6 layouts).

Does not harm the work of other design programs (no layouts on the principle of Ctrl+Shift+5). No critical interception of keyboard shortcuts.

When programmers work with Microsoft Visual Code, in the long absence of intensity of work on the keyboard — there may be a one-time initial delay in response to keyboard shortcuts. Excessive "clutter" use of Extensions is also possible.


Keyboard shortcuts (other features)

Special different Unicode characters (‽ €₴£₽¢ «» ⌀‰√ ©®™ ... etc.), in key combinations.

A special accent symbol over vowels is placed after the letter, but is visually visible above this letter (example: á é ú я́ ё́ ....), when you press LAlt+ \| or RWin+ /?

Examples: Special non-breaking space — when you press RAlt+ Space (not the same as LAlt+ Space). Quotation marks of typographic (« ») when you press RAlt+Shift+ 2(3). Character (), which can be used as a question mark in file names — by pressing RAlt+ 1. Its alternative (؟) — by pressing RAlt+Shift+ 1.

Starting with version Presence of transcoding of the selected text, mistyped earlier
between language layouts EN/RU/UA/BY (Cyrillic... and Latin EN):
RAlt+(Shift)+E - ENG/Ukr English/Ukrainian
RAlt+(Shift)+W - ENG/Rus English/Russian
RAlt+(Shift)+Q - ENG/Blr English/Belarus
RAlt+(Shift)+S - Rus/UKR Russian/Ukrainian
RAlt+(Shift)+A - Rus/BLR Russian/Belarus
- the initial opportunity appeared from version for Latin English layout to Cyrillic Russian and Ukrainian languages (layouts)

Experimental combination of Unicode transliteration of the Ukrainian language between Cyrillic and Latin: RAlt+(Shift)+R

Retained transliteration from Russian to Latin: Alt + ScrollLock for file names / Web URL.

Paste from clipboard, text without font format: Ctrl+Alt+V (convenient for Microsoft Word, etc.)


Developer, program code

Program Name: Keyboard Layout Assistant 8565

Another name: Keyboard Layout Assistant (24-in-1) 8565 v1.3

Short name: KLA_8565

Developer: Bondar Roman /Tracker/ , Kyiv, Ukraine

The program is written in the programming language AutoHotKey, which specializes in developing scripts for keyboard maintenance, which later became a full-fledged programming language for Microsoft Windows XP /7/8/* 10. Compiled programs in this language have a long time ago been poorly perceived by some antiviruses. As of 2022.05.20 – Windows Defender does not react "negatively" to this program, written and compiled on AutoHotKey.

The program code is based on the work of another developer:   «Keyboard Assisent 1.2», 2019-2020, Andrei Krutov, @kaiu, article on habr.com,  post #464813

The code of the program called KLA_8565 has been changed much and updated. Added new features.
Product (program) for free distribution.

The final (this) version of the program was also created in memory of programmer Dmitri Gurtyak, Ukraine, a native of Donetsk. The author created programs for DOS, including the program (KEYRUS) to support Russian fonts on the screen and and switch the keyboard layout to Russian, and then to Ukrainian by simply pressing one key Left Shift or Right Shift.



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